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This Day in Red Sox History

On January 22, 2003 David Ortiz signed as a free agent with the Red Sox. Big Papi, as heDavid Ortiz, all rights reserved is so affectionately called by members of RSN, came to the team along with two other free agents, Bill Mueller and Kevin Millar. Of the three, Papi is the only one still with the organization.

He’s also known as “Mr. Clutch” – any Sox fan should know why! According to

In three seasons with the Sox, David Ortiz has 15 walkoff hits, including nine walkoff homers. Last year he received a plaque from the Sox that read “David Ortiz #34 The Greatest Clutch Hitter in the History of the Boston Red Sox.”

For the past two years Papi has been a serious American League MVP candidate. In 2005 he lost to A-Fraud, after significant debates. The feeling was, since he is DH and not on the field all of the time, he doesn’t contribute as much to the game as a position player. 2006 was a different story for Papi, although he broke the Red Sox single season home run record (previously held by Jimmie Foxx), The Sox failed and therefore nobody expected M.V.Papi to take home the prize. It was awarded to Minnesota Twins player, Justin Morneau.

Do you agree a DH shouldn’t take home the MVP prize? I mean to me an MVP means a player who has provided the most value to his team. Pitchers have their own version of MVP, the Cy Young award. So what award does the DH get? Nothing? How wrong is that? Especially for a guy (like Ortiz) who has FANTASTIC stats? There aren’t enough words to talk about all of his accolades or what he’s brought as both a player and a person to RSN. He’s an MVP in my book.

This day in RSH (Red Sox History) proved to be a significant one, indeed!!!

Show your support of this Boston All-Star by picking up one of these kick-@ss shirts from

(No, they didn’t pay me to say that! They just happen to be my favorite site for Red Sox Apparel and related merchandise because everything they have is so unique! In fact, my ‘This Day in Red Sox History’ facts come from their Red Sox Calendar!)

(Photo taken by me at Fenway Park on 10-01-06)


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I Think I’ve Been Punched in the Stomach


I seriously feel as though I’ve been punched in the stomach. Pats gave up an 18 point lead and lost the game. They are going home. Peyton “media wh$re” manning is going to the Super Bowl.

Hard to win a game when you drop perfect passes (ahem, Caldwell!), rush the passer, don’t advance the ball……our defense just broke down. They were exhausted and couldn’t hold the momentum of the Colts.

Sick, I seriously feel sick. At least it’s only 21 days until truck day….something to look forward to.

Regardless, I’d like to thank Tom Brady for leading our team, once again, to the playoffs. They had a great season, came back from some devestating losses and made it to the playoffs once again. Is the Dynasty over? Maybe, but I’m proud to be a New England fan even in the wake of this cr@p @ss loss.

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Less than three hours…. Image

(photo courtesy of

I have so much nervous energy for this game, I can’t stand it. I can’t even distract myself by the Bears vs Saints game because it’s still more than 30 minutes away. Over the past few hours, I’ve managed to:

  • Watch 2 Samuel L Jackson movies on TV (The Negotiator and Changing Lanes)
  • Do laundry
  • Wash the dishes
  • Clean the humidifier
  • Take a LONG hot shower
  • Eat too many double stuff oreos
  • Call my grandmother

Aaarghhhh…..I just want it to be game time already. Peyton, I’m ready for YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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Go Pats!!!

Soxy Pats FanA little more than six hours until kick-off! I am so excited for today’s game. Tom Brady has never lost a game indoors, Tom Brady is made for playoff games and apparently Tom Brady has good energy since he is no longer dating Bridget Moynahan and is reportedly linked to Giselle Bundchen. Ok, don’t ask me to expand on that last statement. It’s something my dad heard this morning while listening to some sports talk, I just thought it was funny.

I can’t lie. I’m also a bit nervous. The Colts have beaten us in our last two meetings, and they now have our golden kicker, Adam Vinatieri. Regardless, I’m pretty confident in our rookie kicker Gostkowski. Kid did good last week! He no longer has the “no winning field goals in a playoff game” stat looming over his head. He’s got a long way to go until he’ll be able to erase Adam from our minds, but he’s got a good start. Oh man, what if today comes down to a kicking game? I gotta stop thinking, nerves are going to take over.

OK, time for game prep. What in the world am I going to do for six hours?!??!

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This Day in Red Sox History

Red Sox - Soxy Lady
(photo taken by me at Fenway Park 6-19-05)

On January 20, 1871 the Boston Red Stockings were founded and became the first professional baseball team in Boston (NL). They finished the season with a 20-10 record. Today’s Red Sox (AL) took their name from the Boston Red Stockings. Who, after a series of moves landed and remained in Atlanta where they became the Atlanta Braves.

The AL team was called different names before the owner settled on the Red Sox, to differentiate them from the NL team. Why Sox and not Socks? It was a sign of the times to simplify English spelling.

So Sox fans, raise your glasses and have a drink to celebrate the team who gave us our name!

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Thank You Trot!!

The day I have been dreading has finally come. Trot Nixon has signed with the Cleveland Indians. He’s not coming back to Boston (as a Red Sox).

(photo courtesy of RedSoxChick)

I can’t say I’m surprised he signed with the Indians. I also can’t say it wasn’t a good move for the Sox, as Nixon was oft injured. However our alternative, J.D. Drew, isn’t a sure bet either.

Although announcing he agreed to a 5 year/$70 million deal with the Red Sox in the beginning of December, Drew’s deal still isn’t finalized because of an injured right shoulder. So we’re over-paying a right fielder who has a high risk for injury and letting go a guy who has spent his entire career in Boston, is the original Boston Dirt dog and plays harder than anyone (when he’s healthy)?

I don’t know. I don’t have huge confidence in an outfield of Drew, Wily Mo and Manny (when he decides it’s ok to be a ball player).

Anyway, this post isn’t meant to debate the details of what went down. It’s to say “goodbye” to the guy whose helmet is covered in pine tar, face is streaked in eye black and pants are stained with grass.

My cousin and I were lucky enough to be at the Sox vs Orioles game on October 1, 2006. It was the Sox last game of the season. Even though there was a 3 hour rain delay and the weather remained miserable I am so happy I was there. I was able to witness Trot’s last at bat in a Red Sox uniform. I also captured this short video:

Sure it’s sideways, unstable and a little too short but cut me some slack. I actually thought I was taking a picture! What I got was a great memory and a little piece of history.

Soxy Lady will miss you, Christopher Trotman Nixon.

Yes, I am a sap.

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