Go Pats!!!

Soxy Pats FanA little more than six hours until kick-off! I am so excited for today’s game. Tom Brady has never lost a game indoors, Tom Brady is made for playoff games and apparently Tom Brady has good energy since he is no longer dating Bridget Moynahan and is reportedly linked to Giselle Bundchen. Ok, don’t ask me to expand on that last statement. It’s something my dad heard this morning while listening to some sports talk, I just thought it was funny.

I can’t lie. I’m also a bit nervous. The Colts have beaten us in our last two meetings, and they now have our golden kicker, Adam Vinatieri. Regardless, I’m pretty confident in our rookie kicker Gostkowski. Kid did good last week! He no longer has the “no winning field goals in a playoff game” stat looming over his head. He’s got a long way to go until he’ll be able to erase Adam from our minds, but he’s got a good start. Oh man, what if today comes down to a kicking game? I gotta stop thinking, nerves are going to take over.

OK, time for game prep. What in the world am I going to do for six hours?!??!


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